Direct IRS Filings

Paper Filing

Typically, it will take 3-6 weeks for (direct deposit) 4-8 weeks to have a (check mailed).  We will prepare your return; you will then sign and mail the return paperwork to the IRS.

Electronic Filing (E-File)

This process takes approximately 15-21 days for direct deposit and 15-21 days to have your checks mailed if you elect to electronically file your tax return with IRS; Funds will be available to you through direct deposit or check mailed.  E-filing with the Tax Office offers the most up-to-date and rapid processing of your tax return. The Tax Office is an authorized IRS e-filer.

Direct Deposit  

If you elect to use this method, the refund process will take approximately 15-21 days.

  • If you have an existing checking or savings account your funds will be made available through direct deposit.  You will not have to return to your tax office to pick up a check with this convenient method of payment.

  • ACH processing may take up to an additional one to four days for the financial institution to post the refund to the taxpayer’s personal checking or savings account.

  • A good way to avoid check cashing fees or delays caused by a customer’s bank putting an extended hold on a deposited check.

  • Available as a disbursement option for Easy Advance (EA) only (without an Refund Transfer (RT) associated).

Bank Check
If you elect to use this method, the refund process will take approximately 15-21 days. Checks are printed at the Tax Office so you can pick up your checks from the safety and convenience of your tax office. NOTE: This disbursement option is NOT available for customers that select an Easy Advance (EA) only.
E-1 Visa Prepaid Cards 

This is a great opportunity for unbanked customers to take advantage of a this prepaid card account.  If you elect to use this method, the refund process will take approximately 15-21 days and you will be notified when your refund has been placed on your card. 


  • Make purchases anywhere Visa debit cards are accepted.

  • Easily track spending and account balance on-the-go with transaction alerts.

  • Direct Deposit your paycheck or benefits check for free3 and avoid costly check cashing fees. 

  • Online Account Center where customers can view card activity and pay bills online.

  • Reload cash at any of E-1’s more than 130,000 reload locations.  

Refund Transfers (RT)


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